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The Mississauga Chinese Business Association was founded in November 1991. Through UNITY and CO-OPERATION, the Association has built up a solid foundation and has provided excellent opportunities to the Chinese business community to share their insight, thoughts and ideas. It is believed that the Association has achieved its goals in serving as a bridge between our members, local business groups and ultimately in working towards a stronger Canada. The Association has increased its involvement in partnership and strategic alliances with other business associations and corporations. This has helped to bring more valued-added services and business opportunities to all members. We strongly believe that the Association is well positioned to face future challenges.



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The Objectives:

  • To serve as the voice of Chinese business community in Mississauga
  • To promote a society and economy based on private enterprise and concern for the individual
  • To initiate and respond to legislation affecting members of the Association and Chinese Canadian business community
  • To provide a forum for the Chinese business community to develop opinions and programs which contribute to the social, economic, and moral welfare of the Mississauga community
  • To facility business and social contact among members
  • To communicate information on subjects of interest to members
  • To liaise and co-operate with other organizations in Canada or elsewhere which have objectives similar in whole or in part of the Association

宗 旨 :

作 為 密 市 華 人 商 業 團 體 之 喉 舌

提 倡 私 人 企 業 及 關 注 個 別 商 業 之 經 濟

關 注 有 影 響 華 商 會 會 員 及 加 拿 大 華 裔 商 業 團 體 之 法 律 立 法 問 題

提 供 機 會 予 華 裔 商 業 團 體 發 表 有 關 社 會 之 意 見 及 計 劃

方 便 會 員 商 業 上 之 接 觸

促 進 會 員 間 之 資 訊 交 流

與 加 拿 大 其 他 組 織 或 與 本 會 目 標 相 符 之 組 織 聯 絡 及 合 作