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  1. Make sure the sightlines around your doors and windows are not blocked by landscaping or fencing. Remove weapons of opportunity that can be used as a means of attack from around your property in the event of a break-in. These include: baseball sized stones, small flower pots, ashtrays or anything that can be picked up or thrown.
  2. Mark your valuable property. Participate in Operation Provident.
  3. Make sure your property is well maintained and free from graffiti. Don’t store items that can be used as ladders around your property.
  4. Remind your staff to keep their cars locked and never leave valuables such as purses or wallets in a visible location or unattended at your desk.
  5. Turn off your computer monitors at night.
  6. Get involved in Business Crime Watch. Contact your local Crime Prevention or Safe City Association.
  7. Shred all your waste paper.
  8. Require all future employees to undergo a criminal background check as a condition of being hired.
  9. Limit the movement of strangers within your business by developing a proper reception area or lobby with a controlled access.
  10. Consider developing a “safe room” within the interior of your property to properly secure your computer hard drives. Lock all lap top computers in the safe room or take them at night.



  1. When away from your property for long periods of time, make sure that your property looks lived in and cared for and use more than one timer to turn on and off lights.
  2. Let trusted neighbors know when you’ll be away and consider having the post office hold your mail.
  3. Close and lock all windows, garage doors etc. even if you’re away from your property for short periods of time.
  4. Make sure the sightlines around your doors and landscaping or fencing does not block windows.
  5. Add motion-activated lights around your house
  6. Participate in Operation Identification and mark your valuables.
  7. Don’t store ladders; outdoors furniture etc. near ground floor windows.
  8. Lock your front door if no one’s home and you’re working in the backyard.
  9. Keep our car locked when sitting in the drive.
  10. Never leave a key in the mailbox, under the mat or just inside the garage.